Dora García

Frase de oro (Revolución, cumple tu promesa), 2022


Location Rotunda

Dora García

Title Frase de oro (Revolución, cumple tu promesa), 2021
Medium Gold leaf foil letters, glued
Copyright © Dora García, Photo: Mathias Schormann
Exhibition number AW201

"Revolución, cumple tu promesa", "Revolution, Fulfil your Promise" – words inscribed on the wall in letters made of gold leaf by the artist Dora Garcia. The sentence is from a photograph taken in 1934. It was on a placard with which the activist Margarita Robles de Mendoza demonstrated for women's suffrage outside the Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

Feminism plays an important role in Dora Garcia's work. But so do sentences, books, and authors both female and male. As an avid reader, she collects stories and quotations. And she also writes. Many works in her series ""Golden Sentences"" are her own. She chose “Revolución, cumple tu promesa” as the title of a wide-ranging project which includes the political potential of love as one topic. As part of that project, she deals with the legacy of Alexandra Kollontai, the Russian revolutionary, writer and women's rights activist. Kollontai was the first woman in the world to hold a ministerial post. She supported the notion of free love and fought to improve the lot of women in the Soviet Union. Her ideas are fundamental to modern feminism. Even now, they’re mobilising a new generation of activists, especially in Mexico, where Kollontai was posted as ambassador of the Soviet Union. Margarita Robles de Mendoza was presumably influenced by her when she demonstrated in front of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Much has been achieved since then, and yet this is what Dora Garcia says about the progress of feminism:

Dora García: "I believe that the sense of freedom I had at the age of twenty was an illusion, and that today, we’re still battling the same monsters that have always existed."

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