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The one-hour workshops on site and online via zoom are free of charge up to a certain quota. You are welcome to book workshops of one or more hours from 60 euros (per hour) beyond the quota.

In addition, we develop individual offers for welcome classes in which art and language (German) are in the focus. We are happy to offer special tours and workshops for classes with blind, deaf, visually impaired, and hearing impaired students and in simple language for every exhibition. To tailor all offers to the needs of your class or group, please contact us directly.

More information and registration at palais.populaire@db.com or +49 30 20 20 93 19

LuYang: DOKU Experience Center

Deutsche Bank "Artist of the Year" 2022

  • Hero Stuff

    Workshop for 5th graders on up

    LuYang creates fantastic virtual worlds in which heroes defend big cities, fly into space, or fight against unknown powers. The characters wear colorful and sparkling armor and, of course, magical hero accessories. We go on a mission together in LuYang’s world. What superpower have you always wanted? With recycled materials, feathers, glitter stones, and neon tubes we will create our own spectacular hero accessories.

  • Transform Yourself!

    Workshop for 7th graders on up

    In the exhibition LuYang, in the person of the avatar DOKU, transforms into six beings with different characteristics. What image worlds does LuYang create to depict rebirth, growth, and decay? The collage technique is a good medium to realize these themes artistically. So that we can create a collage, bring photos of yourself that we can transform into something new with scissors and glue. What happens when I take away or reassemble particular characteristics that make up my appearance? Up to what point do I recognize myself and when does something new emerge?


Spanisch female artists from 1960 until today

  • Colors & Shapes

    Workshop for kindergartens & 1st ‒ 2nd graders

    The art of mosaic is very old and has been popular in Spain for many centuries. Walking through the exhibition together, we discover many colors and shapes. We talk about special patterns and what red, green, and blue might mean. Then we create colorful color fields using the mosaic technique.

  • BookArt
    Reading of the children’s book Abracadabra by Marta Comín and workshop

    February 6 & 13, 2023, 9 – 10:30 am
    for 1st – 3rd graders

    "Abracadabra" — this book is a case. A magic case! Daniel got it from his uncle for his birthday. If you flip through the pages, a few pieces of sugar turn into flying birds in the blink of an eye, and flowers grow out of blocks. Spanish book artist Marta Comín can really work magic. In clear, graphic forms, she hides amazing images that only become visible through the holes and cutouts on the next page. As in the exhibition "ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES", our visual habits are turned upside down with minimalist means. In an interactive reading you can immerse yourself in Marta Comín’s pictorial games and become a magician yourself in the subsequent workshop.

    In cooperation with Krumulus bookstore


    Photo: Marta Comin, © Combel Verlag

  • MusicArt@Palais

    January 23, 2023, 9 – 9:45 am & 10:15 – 11 am
    Free exhibition expedition with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker for 1st – 3rd graders

    The exhibition "ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES" revolves around Spanish female artist from 1960s until today. Since 2019, the Berliner Philharmoniker and the PalaisPopulaire have invited children 5 and older to embark on a musical exhibition expedition. A visit to the exhibition becomes a first concert experience with children invited to participate, but also to listen and watch.

  • The Language of Patterns

    Workshop for 3rd – 6th graders

    During a tour of the exhibition, we take a special look at the diverse patterns on the tiles by Spanish artist Soledad Sevilla. Inspired by the variety of colors and shapes, we translate our own ideas into abstract and colorful ornaments, which we assemble on large paper webs to form a long frieze. 

  • Dreaming the Dreams of Others

    Workshop for 7th graders on up

    Imagine you could dream the dreams of othersand live the lives of others. Who would you want to be? What life would you dream for yourself? In the exhibition "ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES", which translates as “Write All Their Names,” Spanish women artists from 1960 to the present make explore the world through sculpture, drawing, and writing. During a joint tour we will approach the works dialogically, but also in the form of short texts.