• Kindergartens & Schools

The one-hour workshops on site and online via zoom are free of charge up to a certain quota. You are welcome to book workshops of one or more hours from 60 euros (per hour) beyond the quota. Please register here: palais.populaire@db.com or +49 30 20 20 93 19

In addition, we develop individual offers for welcome classes in which art and language (German) are in the focus. We are happy to offer special tours and workshops for classes with blind, deaf, visually impaired, and hearing impaired students and in simple language for every exhibition. To tailor all offers to the needs of your class or group, please contact us directly at +49 30 20 20 93 19.

  • Abstract imagery

    Tour for schools from 7th grade

    The diverse possibilities of abstract art will be demonstrated in some works by contemporary artists in an exciting way during a joint digital tour. This variety of shapes and colors gives rise to questions about the possibilities of painting and drawing, photography and collage, their different effects and meanings. In a subsequent practical work, in which the aim is to combine different shapes and colors, the experiment of abstraction becomes a self-experiment.

  • About colors and shapes

    Workshop for 2nd - 6th grade

    Colors and shapes are everywhere. In nature, in the city and in the exhibition “Ways of Seeing Abstraction” in the PalaisPopulaire. Everything there revolves around abstract works of art. Abstract, that means without an object. So abstract art is created through the use of colors, shapes and lines. Which colors do you like, do you have a favorite shape? We explore the exhibition, talk about the pictures and let ourselves be inspired by particularly beautiful works of art for our own abstract collages.

  • "Maybe" by Guido van Genechten

    Reading of children’s book and workshop

    November 1 and November 8, 2021, 9–10:30am

    “How does it begin? With nothing? Maybe” is how the entertaining philosophical story about the origin of everything and nothing begins. In the exhibition, we encounter non-objective shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares, which in the book Maybe by Guido van Genechten become plants, people, and animals, and then shapes and pure color again. Thus, the book deals in an age-appropriate, tangible way with a topic into which a great of thought has been put. We then talk about our own ideas of where we come from and represent these ideas with simple shapes in colorful pictures.

    In cooperation with the bookstore Krumulus

  • MusicArt@Palais

    For kindergardens 3–5 years old

    October 4, 2021

    Colors and shapes are everywhere. In nature, in urban areas, and in the many paintings in the exhibition at the PalaisPopulaire. Artists often use shapes and colors to represent what they see, feel, and think. But can pictures also make sounds, be as quiet as a summer wind or as loud as a thunderclap? The Berliner Philharmoniker and the PalaisPopulaire invite families with children 5 and older, with and without disabilities, to a musical exhibition expedition. A visit to the exhibition becomes  a first concert experience that invites you to participate, but also to listen and watch.

  • Dream world

    Program for 3rd to 6th grades

    In this course, everything revolves around the relationship between humans, animals, and nature. Based on the exhibition and paintings by artist Conny Maier, we talk about our thoughts, as well as our wishes and hopes. Using wire, paper, and papier-mâché, we will then invent our own ideal or dream world in which humans and animals live in harmony with nature.

  • Magic Stories

    Program for Kindergartens and 1st and 2nd Grades

    Artist Zhang Xu Zhan comes from Taiwan, where stories have been told with paper figures for many centuries. Often they are about adventures, heroes and dragons. Together we will look at his stories in the exhibition and make paper figures ourselves. Set on a stick, we then create our own magical stories and bring them impressively on stage.

  • Art & Dialogue: What do you think?

    Program for upper secondary schools

    The works of Brazilian artist Maxwell Alexandre are about racism in the media. Viewing and discussing his work serves as a starting point for you to talk about your own experiences with racism. How can one counter hostilities due to nationality, skin color, or sexual orientation, take a stance, and enter into dialogue with people? The workshop provides impulses for approaching this important social issue.

  • BookArt & Picture theater

    Workshop for 1st to 3rd grade classes

    January 24, 2022
    9–10:30am & 11 am–12:30pm

    For centuries, mysterious stories have been told in Taiwan’s shadow theaters. Artist Zhang Xu Zhan grew up with this tradition. Together, we will view his artwork and then invite you to a picture theater of the story “Animal City” by Joan Negrescolor. In a jungle that overgrows the remains of a city, a girl tells a crowd of animals about a bygone world. The impressive pictures inspire us to develop our own magical stories and to stage them as shadow theater.

    In cooperation with the bookstore Krumulus