DOKU Bardo #1, 2022


Location Gallery 3



DOKU Heaven and DOKU Hell, 2022

from the series Bardo #1

Medium UV Inkjet Print on Aluminum Dibond, LED light system
Dimensions Diameter 120 x 4 cm
Copyright Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin
Exhibition number AW309

The Tibetan term “Bardo” is understood as an intermediate state between death and rebirth. The mandalas, each flooded by different-colored light, show the six DOKU avatars with the attributes for the Buddhist rebirth realms that they embody. Human is presented in front of a technoid server architecture, Animal is accompanied by different animals, while Hell is surrounded by skeletons during a furious dance. Each avatar is set in a classical, round mandala composition. In these works, LuYang combines the profane aspect of mandalas, which can be found as a decorative symbol in global pop culture on T-shirts, mugs, coloring books, and light shows at raves, and their magical and religious significance as a visual aid with which complex religious and spiritual contexts can be internalized.

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