DOKU Human


Location Rotunda



DOKU Human, 2022

aus der Serie DOKU Six Realms of Reincarnation

Medium Leuchtkasten
Dimensions 150 x 97.5 x 5 cm
Copyright Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin
Exhibition number AW303

DOKU Human embodies the human realm of existence. Of all the avatars, this one probably resembles LuYang the most. But already in this incarnation LuYang questions our binary ideas. For the avatar resembles a cyborg. It is wearing a technoid suit, whereby it is not clear whether he is artificial skin or the body itself. In fact a Japanese master of the art of tribal tattoo, was asked to design tattoos for a digital human, after which the avatar’s body pattern was realized. DOKU Human seems to be a kind of blueprint for all of the other incarnations and is surrounded by a hypermodern urban world. In Buddhism, it is most desirable to be reborn in the human realm. Although in the human world suffering is inevitably experienced through birth, aging, illness, and death, and there is violence, separation, fears, human beings have the opportunity to learn to overcome themselves and their destructive behavior.

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