LuYang’s cosmos


Location Gallery 3


Title Film Still from DOKU the Self, 2022
Medium 3D animation film, 36 min
Copyright Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin
Exhibition number AW301

In LuYang’s cosmos, identities are not fixed but fluid and mediated by new technologies. Concepts such as cultural identity, body, and gender are radically called into question. LuYang places current scientific thought and an engagement with global pop and consumer culture in the context of Buddhist and Hindu cosmologies. LuYang contrasts the notion of an identity anchored in the body and chronological time with multiple realities that know no unchanging self but only permanent change. LuYang experiments with the notion that the Internet cannot only expand physical existence, but also replace it. But digital existence, which knows no temporal or spatial limitations, is not a dream world. On the contrary, it illustrates the equally dreamlike and illusionistic nature of the physical existence that we perceive as “real.” LuYang’s avatars allow us to witness these liberating and uncanny experiences.

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