DOKU Hungry Ghost


Location Rotunda



DOKU Hungry Ghost, 2022

from the series DOKU Six Realms of Reincarnation

Medium light box
Dimensions 150 x 97.5 x 5 cm
Copyright Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin
Exhibition number AW307

DOKU Hungry Ghost looks like a gothic pop star. The realm of Hungry Ghosts, the so-called Pretas, is traditionally inhabited by emaciated beings who can swallow only one drop of water at a time and are thus tormented by insatiable hunger and thirst. Hungry Ghosts represent the sins of addiction and greed. DOKU the Self begins with an apocalyptic vision in which DOKU Hungry Ghost wantonly destroys human civilization with earthquakes and monstrous thunderstorms, which it blames for its miserable existence. He dances in the style of Kebyar Duduk, an Indonesian dance in which a stooped posture and the use of fans are typical. Yet DOKU Hungry Ghost is a cold, unempathic apparition, reminiscent of a manipulative player. In the commentary, the avatar is also referred to as a “caster,” someone who establishes roles and identities instead of transcending them.

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