DOKU Heaven


Location Gallery 3



DOKU Heaven, 2022

from the series DOKU Six Realms of Reincarnation

Medium light box
Dimensions 150 x 97.5 x 5 cm
Copyright Courtesy the artist and Société, Berlin
Exhibition number AW304

DOKU Heaven embodies the illusion of a completely carefree, bliss-filled existence in the realm of the gods or devas, a Garden of Eden, a conception of paradise. The avatar, clad in playful clothing, dances on the stream of a river adorned with fluorescent crystals, surrounded by a paradisiacal tropical forest full of spherical sounds and light phenomena. Here, one can also see the influence of various traditional Balinese and Indonesian dance styles, such as Legong, which LuYang recorded with dancers in Bali using motion capture and then digitally reproduced in the movements and facial expressions of her avatars. But the halo of DOKU Heaven seems like a deceptive aura. In the realm of Heaven there are also the temptations of luxury and idleness, the propensity for ignorance price, which prevent the pursuit of simplicity and awakening.

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